Get Back into Shape with Elliptical Cross Trainers

Published: 16th December 2009
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Elliptical cross trainers are getting more popular every year, and the reasons are many. Elliptical trainers are some of the most effective exercise machines ever invented. You can get a total body workout well suited to many different fitness levels. Because of their low-impact design, they are great for anyone with joint problems or older people who want to get back into exercising.

Health Benefits of Elliptical Cross Training
Low-Impact Workouts - Elliptical machines provide low-impact exercises, meaning there is less stress on your knees and ankles while working out. If you have experienced fatigue and joint problems while running on a treadmill, try an elliptical cross trainer where your feet never leave the foot pedals.

Weight Bearing Exercises - Elliptical training is one of the best ways to condition your body, strengthen muscles and increase bone density. Fitness pros agree that ellipticals burn calories efficiently.

Strengthen Your Heart - Strengthening your heart is important to your long-term success. Cardiovascular training is a key component of an overall fitness regimen, and elliptical cross trainers provide excellent cardiovascular workouts. You will also lose weight, firm up your body or achieve all of these goals at the same time.
Get Great Results with Less Effort

The key to sticking with your workout routine is to find something that gives you maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Elliptical cross trainers fit the bill perfectly. You won't have to spend several hours a day to achieve great results. Fitness experts suggest devoting 20 minutes a day to elliptical exercising, giving you a total body workout in the minimum amount of time.


Users of elliptical cross trainers say it's easy to stay motivated while working out on these machines. Most ellipticals have a variety of workout programs and resistance levels so you can vary your routine throughout the training session. Fitness experts agree that motivation is a key factor for many people and adding variety to your workouts helps reduce boredom and increases the likelihood that you will use your elliptical for low-impact cross training regularly.

Learn the Proper Technique

Injuries are common with improper use of any type of home exercise equipment, and elliptical cross trainers are no exception. They are extremely easy to use, but it's important to follow these safety rules and to learn the proper technique to avoid potential injuries:
Stride Length - Make sure the machine you purchase has the proper stride length for your height. A minimum stride length of 18" to 20" is recommended for most people, unless you are extremely tall. Some trainers, such as the Smooth CE from Smooth Fitness, feature adjustable foot pedals.

Posture - Stay in an upright position when working out on elliptical cross trainers. Keep your shoulders back, chin up, back straight, and abdominals tight. Do not lean forward over the balance bar or handles; instead, make sure your body weight is being carried by your lower body throughout the exercise.

Intensity - Familiarize yourself with how to change the resistance and incline level of your elliptical machine. On most cross trainers you can change the resistance level and increase the intensity of your workouts gradually. Not all machines feature incline adjustments. Remember to build up strength and stamina at a lower intensity level and add resistance as you condition yourself.
Getting back into shape is an achievable goal once you get into the swing of things using an elliptical cross trainer. Follow these guidelines and you will see results in a shorter period of time and with less impact that any other type of home exercise equipment.

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